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PwC Connect Program

PwC Connect Program

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Connect Program

            PwC’s connect program provides the incredible opportunity for VSB students to get a hands-on experience in the business environment. The program connects Villanova students with accounting professionals within the firm and helps them to develop their communication skills as well as build a stronger resume. The program offers new experiences for anyone who joins.

            During my time in the program so far everyone at PwC has been extremely helpful. They pay for student transportation to and from the office building and clearly communicate times we will be meeting. So far, they have had us at the office two times and I’m already looking forward to the next. The first meeting consisted of an introduction of the program as well as introductions with people from other schools in the Philly area there. The most recent meeting was spent developing our “brand.” The workshop aimed at helping us better understand ourselves and how we want to project ourselves to others. It helped me to better understand the importance of first impressions and how to get someone to learn as much about me in as few words as possible. I have met so many amazing people there already and everyone has had no trouble getting along.

            I see so many doors opening for me through this program. My business contacts are constantly growing because of it. Having the ability to e-mail professionals with any questions and concerns I may have is an incredible advantage this early on in my academic career. The program has also increased my access to the internships PwC has to offer. People in the office know my face and know my strong work ethic because I’ve had the chance to be around them.

            The program has been an incredible head start for me in my business career. I would recommend any underrepresented individuals in VSB to get involved with the program and everything else PwC has to offer. The company really makes an effort reaching out to us because they want to hire us in the future. My experience has been incredible there so far and I think anyone else participating or who chooses to will be able to say the same.


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